Fiercely protect ballot boxes on election day – Mahama advises residents

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has urged supporters of the party to stop moves by anyone who attempts to disrupt the polls on Election Day.

He said they must work hard to fiercely protect the ballot boxes to ensure that their votes count.

Addressing some residents in the Volta Region during his regional tour, John Mahama said the NDC will continue to maintain peace and eschew all forms of violence.

John Mahama, however, said the NDC will fiercely resist any attempts to disrupt the polls.

“I urge that we all maintain the peace. We’re not violent people but on election day we must make sure that nobody comes and disrupts the voting process in our polling stations. The ballot box is in your care, everybody must work to protect the ballot box. Don’t let anybody come and disrupt voting in your polling station and make your vote not to count.”

He said the NDC will not use vigilantes to intimidate any voter or disrupt the elections, adding that traditional leaders in Ghana should call out specific political parties that go wrong instead of generalizing their complaints to all political parties.

Meanwhile, the former president has said that an NDC government will focus on creating sustainable jobs for young people.

He said his government will also embark on massive infrastructural developments to open up the country.

On education, John Mahama said he will make technical and vocational education free to ensure that educated young people are skilled enough to meet the demands of the job market.

“For the countries that have developed, they developed not because of long grammar [or] English education. They have developed because of technical and vocational education and training…That is why I am proposing free technical and vocational training for anyone. So all the children who opt for technical and vocational training, they would have free access until they reach technical university so that we will be able to create that manpower that we need to be able to move the nation forward,” he said.


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