Check your life – Sports Minister’s aide ‘insults’ football administrator

Kofi Asare Brako, an aide to the Minister of Youth and Sports has laid into the General Manager of Great Olympics after the latter criticized him for not doing enough to ensure the return of football.

In an interview with Kumasi-based Nhyira FM, Oluboi Commodore lashed out at the Minister and blamed him for the government’s refusal to grant football clearance despite the continuous easing of COVID-19 restrictions across the country.

Oluboi said that if the Minister had the development of the sport at heart, he would have lobbied the government to accept the FA’s request to restart football competitions in October.

“Do we have a sports minister? He’s not doing anything amid the covid-19 pandemic so far as football is concerned” – Oluboi Commodore told Accra-based Atinka FM.

“He’s just there doing nothing to help the return of football, he should up his game and advise the president to ease the restrictions on football.”

Responding to Oluboi’s outburst on Peace FM, the spokesperson for the Sports Minister, Kofi Asare Brako Abatay attacked the personality of Oluboi.

Abatay described the comments as unfortunate and wondered why a man of Oluboi’s age will speak in the manner he did.

An angry Abatay asked the Olympics chief to evaluate his life before attacking the minister.

“If Oluboi said that then it is very unfortunate for a grown-up like him to say the things he did. How many countries in Africa are playing football now? A grown-up like him should not be saying it because when a child hears this he will question him. Who is he to say such things about the minister?”.

“This is the third time he has attacked the minister but the minister always overlooks it. We should ask him if it’s really okay for a person like him to say the things he is saying. How does he manage his life? He talks loosely and his level of thinking is low. If he said that then it is very unfortunate. He should check his total life as a person”, Abatay said.


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