A Boyfriend is not a Supermarket

Lots of men are so sick today because of the presence of the woman in their lives. A girl who forces them to meet all their needs and that of their family and friends. They have no call credit on their phones but have bought more than enough for their girlfriends who don’t use it to call them but call others and only flash them for more credit when it runs out.

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There are guys who have phones which really need a change but could not because they have spent all their money to get the latest version of a phone for their girlfriends. Guys have less data on their phones, and have to switch off the data after every update whilst they have secured enough data for their girlfriends who never turn on their data, but spend all their time online chatting with other boys.

It is sad to know how guys pay for university fees for the girls they are dating yet they don’t have such qualifications and they don’t pursue such even when they have the opportunity, whilst some are just High School Leavers.

Many of these guys ride in public bus (Trotro) but their girlfriends ride with taxis and Uber at the expense of the guy’s wallet. No wonder you see most overreacting, becoming more jealous, warning and fighting other guys to stay off their girlfriends.

The funny part of this sad story is when the guys footing these bills find out their girlfriends are chasing guys who offer nothing or don’t spend on them. The truth is, just as desperate girls throw themselves on any guy, these weak guys also accept all sort of offers.

You claim you love a lady so much, and spend all your coins on her, yet it feels like you are bound to lose her at any time, but you keep fooling yourself in the name of love. If you are such a guy out there, your name is “the weak man”, grow up.

A weak man needs to understand that a real woman won’t love you because of what you give her; she will love you even while you are broke. But a fake woman will love you until you are broke or leave when she finds someone better than you.

It’s an error for a lady to think a man is responsible for her needs, so she goes into a relationship to demand such from him. The man is not responsible for your feeding fee just because he is dating you. Don’t tax him for your airtime, data, etc. Don’t force him to get you a new phone, TV, refrigerator etc. He is not a merchant nut a lover. A boyfriend is not a supermarket.

Be a real woman, she dates when she is ready for marriage, she knows how to provide for herself, handle her business and more importantly she dates a man she wants not the man she needs.

A fake woman dates when she is not ready for marriage, doesn’t know how to provide for herself or handle her transactions; so she goes out to find a man who will meet her needs. Even with such a man, she still cheats on him and is always looking for bigger opportunities. Please note the difference and don’t fall a victim.

In conclusion “The one who loves money is never satisfied with money, Nor the one who loves wealth with big profits” – Ecclesiastes 5:10 (MSG).

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