Couples Watching P*rn Together Helps Prevent Divorce – Gospel Musician Claims

Gospel star Perpetual Didier has advised married couples to watch p*rn together since it would help keep their marriage intact and prevent separation.

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According to the singer, p*rn helps couples spice up their s*x life, live out their fantasies and also add variety to their bedroom shenanigans.

Perpetual opined that such a scenario increases s*xual intimacy and decreases the need for a partner to go outside the marriage looking for something.

“Fantasy is part of a healthy s*x life, and p*rn adds to the repository of s*xy scenarios in our heads. It can also inspire couples to experiment more in the bedroom (or outside of it if that’s where their fantasies lead them)” she said.

She added that no one can take her husband from her because they watch p*rn together and try new stuff all the time, keeping them content with each other.

Couples that “play together, stay together.” she quipped.